Islamic Architecture and Interior Design – Part III

Part III - Gardens, Grids, Courtyards, and the conclusion.   MATHEMATICAL GRIDS, COURTYARDS AND GARDENS Mathematicism is at the very base of Islamic architecture. The Arabs were keen mathematicians, and infused every aspect of their design with mathematical symbolism and functionalism. Water and gardens are two more design elements that are important in Islamic culture.... Continue Reading →


Islamic Architecture and Interior Design – Part II

Part 2 - Arches, Lattices, Calligraphy, and Mosaics.   THE ARCH The arch, another common feature of Islamic space, is a loadbearing or decorative composite structural frame, whose vessoirs are disposed radially and held together by compressive force, usually found in large openings where brick is used (Graves, 2006, Edwards and Edwards, 1999). It was... Continue Reading →

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